ua catchers gear

ua catchers gear

It's time to get serious this season and nothing says that more than some ua catchers gear. Brand loyalty has brought Under Armour to new heights, making them one of the most prestigious sporting good manufacturers. This is no easy feat, you have to compete with some big ballers like rawlings, Mizuno and many other companies. But Under Armour has made its reputation well known in the baseball and softball communities for years, putting out some of the most protective gear for all athletes. One of their trophy products happens to be ua catchers gear, fulfilling the number one priority all catchers need.

Player safety comes first

The Under Armour band wagon is still acquiring members, you won't need to trust another brand ever again. With ua catchers gear, you'll have full protection to be fully confident in your abilities on and off the field. Catchers gear provides three hundred and sixty degree protection with their three major components. Starting off we have the ua helmet, it's sleek design gives you an intimidating stare and  a comfortable fit. Secondly, the ua chest protector gives you full torso coverage and won't drag you down. Lastly from the essentials we have the base of this trifecta, the leg guards. So the ua leg guards give catchers a sound foundation to make any play without injuring their lower half. You'll feel unstoppable with these ua catchers gear components, their unparalleled craftsmanship sets them aside from any other. The hard plastic pieces are made with certified plastics, taking the load of your body and keeping you safe. While the chest protector has layered foam designs to absorb and disperse forces that could potentially injure. With us catchers gear you'll feel the full force of the commitment and confidence of Under Armour. Check out our ua catchers gear in store at Baseball Bargains today!

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