Rawlings pro preferred 11.5

Rawlings pro preferred 11.5 inch glove

Recognized as one of the most sensational gloves on the market, the Rawlings pro preferred 11.5 inch glove is any infielders dream. Highly recommended that even some of the biggest all stars use this type of glove. Major league player have to use their gloves day in and day out, making sure it's broken in perfectly for every game. Kris Bryant, Mike Rizzo, J.J. Hardy and Max Scherzer all use Rawlings pro preferred gloves. Helping them achieve greatness, this glove will help you do the same.

Infield glove

The glove itself has undoubted major league caliber, but it's size makes it one of the best tools for infielders. 11.5 inch gloves are the ideal size for second, third and short stop positions. Given its shorter appearance, it'll help you focus on tracking down the ball and executing the play. Believe it or not, but the pro preferred gloves weighs approximately 2 measly pounds. You could have the fastest hands in the league, the rawlings pro preferred 11.5 inch glove can help you get there. A baseball glove can come in many forms and be made from various materials across the globe. But none of that matters unless the glove helps you improve as a player. Practicing is a huge part of that but whether you realize it or not, your gear also contributes to your success. The premium leather helps you round out those weak spots in your game, making you the most solid player on the field. The rawlings pro preferred 11.5 inch can help any infielder round off their rough edges. For example, it's flexible leather exterior makes it easier to transition to your throws. The design and material differences in this glove are superior when it comes to any other competition. So come visit us at baseball bargains and we'll find the best pro preferred glove for you.  

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