Pancake glove

Pancake glove

The pancake glove is the hottest training too on the market for almost any fielder. The flat rounded appearance is how this training glove had gotten its delicious name. This is in no way an edible product but it'll fill your appetite for improving your fielding technique. You'll be handling the ball with a new distilled confidence after using the pancake glove. From the outfield to the infield and even the pitcher, they can use this glove to aid in their fielding. Even though they all are returning to different style gloves, the pancake glove still helps improve timing, blocking and ball awareness.

The best pancake you'll ever have

Due to its round flat form it has earned the name pancake, making it extremely difficult to field with. Catching a ball with a flat surface is very challenging, so you need to have the perfect form. Used on every level, by little league players, intermediate and pros on every level. It's not just a beginners tool for young players learning the mechanics of the game. Anyone can improve their fielding at any point of their career and it shows. It'll bring out the best of your defensive skills, pushing you to be the best you can be. After successfully using the pancake glove, you'll be grabbing the attention of your teammates, coaches and hopefully scouts. This glove has coaches in a craze, after seeing how some major league trainers use it on upcoming prospects. Getting the whole team on a pancake glove regimen is a fun and productive way to improve your teams defense. Before you know it, your team will become in impenetrable wall of leather, and you'll have a hard time choosing the defensive player of the season. So don't wait, pick up an inexpensive pancake glove at Baseball bargains today!

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