MLB Batting Helmet

MLB Batting Helmet:

The MLB Batting Helmet is what most young players set out to eventually wear. But nothing says you can't familiarize yourself with a one-flap at an early age. There are plenty of companies like the always dependable Rawlings that have a supply of such helmets in stock. One flapped helmets are the norm throughout the pros, and nowhere else. So it couldn't hurt to prove to the scouts that you're more than comfortable rocking the exact same headwear a pro would.  

Additional MLB Batting Helmet features:

Of course, an MLB Batting Helmet will come in a left ear flap design for the righty batter, and vice versa. This ultimately makes standing at the plate a much more comfortable experience. And above all, it enhances hearing instead of hindering it. Protecting the side closest to the pitcher prevents the dreaded up and in, errantly thrown fastball from doing any damage. Unfortunately, this still remains part of the game. But rest assured, with the proper hit by pitch precaution instilled in many advanced player's minds, there is no reason to worry that a ball should ever come in contact with the unprotected ear that faces the catcher while one is fully engaged in their stance. Additionally, what the helmet gives up in ear to ear coverage, it gains in central ventilation. Within the helmet, air is contained and kept from becoming stagnate. As a result, a player's head remains cool and dry, and can breath both within it and out of it thanks to the non flapped side.   One example already in stock is the Rawlings CoolFlo Single Flap Batting Helmet CFSER. Sure enough, it features:
  • Unique one ear flap batting helmets design
  • Pro CoolFlo design
  • Covered leather headband
  • ABS Plastic Shell
  • Available in Black Only
  • Small (6 7/8 – 7), Medium (7 1/8 – 7 1/4), Large (7 3/8 – 7 1/2), X-Large (7 5/8 – 8)
  • CFSER – right ear – for left hand batter /CFSEL – left ear – for right hand batter
  Why delay the inevitable? Adopt a one flap MLB model batting helmet as your own today. When you do, you'll be telling everyone that you are more than prepared for the path to the pros.

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