Mizuno Catchers Helmet

Mizuno Catchers Helmet:

A Mizuno catchers helmet offers top of the line quality from a brand name baseball players know and trust. Helmets are available in a wide range of colors and sizes from peewee to adult. Both men's and women's styles are available and meet NOCSAE standards. The Mizuno catchers helmet also features antimicrobial synthetic liners. Therefore, with proper care and maintenance, yours can last for years. The helmet deploys a shock absorbing, strong plastic shell. It includes triple layer EVA foam lining as well. This calls for said lining to mold to player's head for a custom fit. Additionally, a chin strap keeps the helmet snug and secure at all times. Due to regular contact with sweat and dirt, each of Mizuno's helmets also have a special synthetic liner. This layer offers antimicrobial properties, killing germs caused by odor. Strategically placed ventilation holes allow perspiration to escape the helmet. It also allows cool air to circulate over the skin.  

Additional Features:

Helmets offer the full head and face protection a young slugger deserves. Its chin area extends down to protect the upper neck. This means batters do not have to fear and up and in fastball like they would have in the past. In addition, throat guards add even more protection. Mizuno helmets use strong steel face masks for the highest level of safety. The bars are arranged to allow players the greatest level of visibility. Overall, a Mizuno catchers helmet provides safety and quality. They have long built their reputation on being one of the most dependable equipment suppliers around. Today, it is no different. In fact, they have grown consistently in popularity with each passing year. So much so that if you buy your own today, you will be well on your way toward a pro bound career.

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