Easton M7 catcher's gear

Easton M7 catcher's gear

Great doesn't always mean expensive, the easton M7 catcher's gear is a great value for a quality product. Catcher's gear can get absurdly expensive, why pay all that for gear that may give you more problems than solutions. Easton has been a  trusted sporting goods manufacturer for over one hundred and twenty five years, and they are still making room for improvements. Change is an important quality which Easton bestows in their products, and you can see how much it benefits the players that use it. Catcher's gear has more of an effect on the game than you may think. The pitcher and catcher have to be playing on the same mental field, it isn't just a simple game of catch. If the catcher is distracted from loose stitching or an uncomfortable helmet, he may not be able to pick up on his pitchers signals. You won't find any simple defects like that in easton M7 catcher's gear.

Three isn't a crowd

For starters, when you hear the term catcher's gear set, it usually refers to three integral pieces. First you have the helmet, then the chest plate and lastly the leg guards. Staying comfortable behind the plate make a huge difference in any situation during the game. With that in mind, the helmets from the easton m7 catcher's gear look the part and can back it up too. Made with matte finish ABS plastics, it's got a sweet look and still keeps you protected from all angles. As we go a step down, we get to the chest protector which does most of the heavy lifting. Covering and protecting your torso is a piece of cake, it's multi-layer foam construction helps divert unwanted impacts all day. And as a bonus, it comes with shoulder pads and a detachable groin guard. Mobility is always a key factor for being a catcher, sometimes a cup/jock strap can get too in the way. Lastly we have the leg guards, also fitted in the matte finish for a sleek look behind the dish. It's triple knee design offers unparalleled mobility while still offering protection up past the knee. Come and try out some all knew easton M7 catcher's gear, here at baseball bargains.

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