Cheap Catchers Gear Sets

Cheap Catchers Gear Sets:

Cheap Catchers Gear Sets are everywhere, especially from three of the top companies like Wilson, Louisville Slugger, Rawlings. Wilson, for instance, offers many youth sets below the $100 range. What a steal! And this includes the three major components, of course. A helmet, chest protector, and leg guards.


The Wilson EZ Gear Youth Catcher's Set in particular is built with the trademarked QuickChange technology that lends an easy on and off in ten seconds or less. Its helmet features a premium grade ABS shell for 360 degrees. Consequently, this means it can protect itself and the backstop who wears it from incoming ball and bat contact. Additionally, there is built in venting to maintain protection while also keeping the head cool at all times. The gear as a whole incorporates a one time adjustable system -- set it and forget it. Its form fitting design is based on Wilson's breakthrough pro grade ProMotion™ Catcher's Gear. Therefore, it is bound to get the job done and more. Sizes: S/M (ages 5-7), L/XL (ages 7-12).

Louisville Slugger:

First and foremost, the Louisville Slugger Series 5 Baseball Intermediate & Youth 3 Piece Catchers Gear Set is indeed a performance plus set of equipment. And all things considered, it should cost more than it actually does. But luckily enough for potential customers, it does not! Each of its components consist of extra tough, lightweight materials that keep you protected and move easily with you during each pitch and play. Helmet:
  • Glossy finish
  • Moisture wicking chin pad 
  • NOCSAE approved 
  • Size 6 3/8 - 7 (I/Y)
Chest Protector:
  • High density foam padding
  • Over the shoulder harness
  • Precision pad design
  • Size 14" (I), 12" (Y)
Shin Guards:
  • Anatomically inspired Double knee design
  • Size 14" (I), 13" (Y)


The Rawlings Renegade Series Youth Catchers Set is also an incredible bargain. By spending within the $100-$129 range, you are then guaranteed a 6 1/2'' - 7'' size COOLFLO hockey style helmet, a 14'' chest protect, and 13'' triple knee leg guards. Helmet:
  • Meets NOCSAE® standards
  • Interior padding contains Pro Dri Plus™ moisture wicking technology for better fit and comfort
  • High strength, increased impact resistance cage
  • ABS plastic shell for impact resistance
Chest Protector:
  • Dual density foam for protection and comfort
  • A more lightweight and, as a result, a more flexible design
  • Pad system, breaks provide unrestricted motion and also ultimate comfort
  • Velcro equipped straps for easy on easy off attachment system
  • Adjustable back harness for a custom fit
Leg Guard:
  • Reinforced knee for ultimate protection and comfort
  • New lightweight and flexible design
  • Over the shoe elastic strap on toe flap for improved comfort

Closing Thoughts:

These three are just a fraction of the many cheap gear available. Therefore, do not limit yourself to the above listed alone! So invest in the set that best fits you today to bring forth endless possibilities come tomorrow! If you do, then and only then will you know what it means to ride your way to a pro bound career with out having to spend too much monetarily to get there.

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