Catchers Gear Bag with Wheels

Catchers Gear Bag with Wheels:

The Catchers Gear Bag with Wheels is a must for all backstops. It doesn't matter which version either. The duffel that can turn into a rollable equipment storer. The traditional, wheel only bag. Or anything in between. What matters most is that all of your essentials are guarded, protected, and organized. And without a doubt, the Catchers Gear Bag with Wheels will do just that. One premiere example of wheeled catchers gear bag offered by a top flight brand -- the Mizuno Samurai Wheeled Catchers Bag.  

Mizuno Samurai Wheeled Catchers Bag:

  The Mizuno Samurai Wheeled Catchers Bag is the ultimate gear storer. Elite caliber catchers flock to this design because of its ability to protect for multiple years on end. Its large main compartment includes renowned spaciousness. Additionally, its durable wheels are off road for easy travel to and from the field. And once there, you can hang it up on the dugout fence with ease thanks to Dual J hooks. And you can return to it game in and game out, even with your own extensive range of different bats to choose from. All thanks to the conveniency of 7 bat sleeve compartments that can store 4 bats and serve as water bottle pouches as well. Therefore, you will never have to fear mid game breakage or sticking it out through a slump with the same bat any longer. More features include, but are not limited to:
  • Molded glove compartment provides a safe place to store your glove
  • Multiple side storage compartments makes it easy to pack and find all your gear
  • Ventilated footwear compartment separates shoes from the rest of the bag contents
  • Zip off footwear pouch not only stores shoes, but also personalizes with a team logo
  •  Dimensions: 35"L x 16"H x 13"W
  While the Mizuno Samurai is telling of what to expect in a premier wheeled catchers equipment storage bag, there is a vast sea of other brands and design models to choose. So whether it's this one or the next, make sure you get the one that best suits you!

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