Catchers Bat Bag

Catchers Bat Bag:

The Catchers Bat Bag is a highly sought after commodity in the game. What you want with a catchers bat bag is the convenience others might not have. A catcher can get away with lugging their equipment around in wheel accessible storage. So why wouldn't they take advantage? Some premier examples of top flight catchers bat bags from all different brands include the Easton E610CBP Catchers Bat Pack Baseball Bag and the Rawlings Covert Baseball / Softball Bat Duffel Bag.  

Easton E610CBP Catchers Bat Pack Baseball Bag:

The Easton E610CBP Catchers Bat Pack Baseball Bag is ideal for catchers of all ages and skill levels. You never want to have a prolonged period of dread in any part of the game. That includes the lugging of equipment to and from the field. So make it a positive memory, not a burdensome one. Luckily, this bag can accomplish just that. It also features a spacious main compartment, a separate ventilated cleat compartment, and side mesh sleeves. Additionally, the bag includes:
  • a sport utility dual zipper design with fence hook
  • ventilation in main compartment
  • two fully lined bat sleeves
  • External strap and buckle allows for attaching helmet and also a glove
  • Dimensions: 25" H x 15" W x 10" D
  • Materials: A Coated 600D polyester, 420DA ripstop polyester

Rawlings Covert Baseball/Softball Bat Duffel Bag:

The Rawlings Covert Baseball / Softball Bat Duffel bag lends conveniency without wheels. By the same token, it is lightweight constructed equipment storage built with the capacity and spaciousness to fit all of your essentials and other accessories. And yet it is not heavy to the point that requires wheeling. This player's duffel bag is the perfect size for carrying all of your equipment. This bag features two side bat sleeve compartments for quick storage and access. The durable vinyl bottom and ventilated shoe compartment also allow for moisture protection throughout.  

Closing Thoughts:

The above listed bat bags are just two out of the many that are available for purchase. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to just these two. So test out the whole field. Then and only then will you know what it means to have truly weighed all of your options. Moreover, will also be surprised just how accommodating the various different brands are to player's specific needs and desires.

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