Baseball Training Bat

Baseball Training Bat:

The Baseball Training Bat is what a batter uses to hone in on their swing during downtime. These bats are meant for one hand drills only. They strengthen batting specific muscles due to a narrow diameter that empowers the feel of a heavy bat structure. You want to complete as many repetitions as possible with any different type of Baseball Training Bat to then reach the same end goal: to become the best hitter you can possible be. So contribute to many team wins by year's end by listening to those that tell you that baseball training bats are the way to amp your game. Some examples available on the market include the SKLZ Baseball Speed and Power Training Bat, the Louisville Slugger 1 Hand Training Short Baseball Bat 22'' (or 18'' WTLWBTR1HT), and the Rawlings Big Stick One Hand Training Bat.  

SKLZ Baseball Speed and Power Training Bats:

  • Heavy bat builds proper swing mechanics
  • Durable steel design, overload bat weighs 30 oz. and is 30 Inch in length
  • For use with practice balls only (3 practice balls included)

Louisville Slugger 1 Hand Training Short Baseball Bat 22" (or 18" WTLWBTR1HT):

  • Short bat with regulation barrel
  • Excellent training bat for one handed hitting drills
  • Made from Ash Wood
  • Orange - 22 inch length
  • Black - 18 inch length
Training bats like these provide more control in a one hand swing than you'd ever have felt before in a two hand swing. And once you go back to your regular bat for gameplay, balls will seem like they're coming in as large and wide as a beach ball. As a result, this makes it the optimal target to launch past any fielder dreading that you'll hit the ball their way. This one hand trainer's design lets you mimic a natural motion. As a result, you develop your swing at a higher and more efficient rate than any one else on the field who was not smart enough to practice with training bats like you do.  

Rawlings Big Stick One Hand Training Bat

  • Durable training aid
  • Rawlings product
  • Great for players of all caliber
  • Develop hand strength and bat control
  • For soft toss and tee work
  • 22" Pro grade ash
  • Instructions included

Closing Thoughts:

Step up to the plate today with the confidence of someone who hasn't spent their off days slacking. Know where the ball is heading by purchasing the training bat that will transform you into a mechanical beast. Take the control right from underneath the pitcher, and soon enough everyone else will follow suit. So be a leader, not a follower. Get your training bat today and then your team's chance of going for glory will soar to infinite heights.

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