Baseball arm guard

Shield up with a baseball arm guard

You can never be too careful on the diamond, so pick up a baseball arm guard for your next game! A pitcher could lose control of his grip at any moment, it's always better to be prepared. You shouldn't feel discriminated for taking extra precautions, major league players do it all the time. Their passion for baseball far surpasses their need to look slick all the time. They know that by protecting themselves, they can continue to do what they love. And in reality, some of the baseball arm guards look really cool and can mesh with any ones style.

Stay protected at the plate

Always placed on the arm which faces the pitcher, the arm guard is the first line of defense against a stray pitch. The guard acts as a shield by deflecting the impact of the ball and dispersing it. Modeled after the ones used by the pros, these arm guards are the best of the best. It's their input that helps manufacturers design the must comfortable piece to slide over your elbow without compromising mobility. Most guards have an elastic foundation that acts as a sleeve, giving a snug but relaxing fit. Perfect for maintaining mobility in your swing, and you won't have to stress about injury. Baseball arm guards have a bunch of unique patterns and designs so players have a diverse way of protecting themselves. Some guards are simply a rounded piece of gel or plastic that comes over the upper arm and others are full sleeves with tire tread patterns along the upper arm and elbow. So those are just two examples of what we have at baseball bargains. Lastly, they're available in a one size fits all category, due to the elastic nature of the band.

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