American made baseball gloves

American made baseball gloves

American baseball is the national pastime of our great country, so why not use American made baseball gloves! We are so accustomed to baseball gloves and their designs that we never really know where they were made. All we know is which brand we're buying, but some brands have factories just overseas or both in the US and abroad. The quality of American made baseball gloves are just as great, and help keep jobs in the United States. With only a small amount of American baseball glove manufacturers left in the States, they're closing out the ninth with a bang.

The finalist

It may be hard to believe but there are only three major brands that still manufacture in the United States. Those three are Rawlings, Nokona and Wilson, the final survivors of American made baseball gloves. All three of these sporting goods giants have been in business for at least one hundred years, except for Nokona. Nokona is on the edge at 92 years, and the owner is still kicking in Texas. Rawlings, Nokona and wilson are still popping out some of the best gloves on the market to this day. Responsible for some of the best model gloves on the market, it's no wonder how they got their start in America. The Rawlings Premium and Elite series have set precedents for some many other glove manufacturers. Major league ball players even prefer their gloves and sometimes have it named after them. Only the best comes out of American manufacturing and it shows with the dozens of gloves produced between all three of these empires. Any player can feel confident with an American made baseball glove, and feel the confidence of an all star. We love supporting American made sports gear at Baseball Bargains, so come on down for a closer look.


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