15 inch softball glove

15 inch softball glove

It's softball season again, so become the versatile player you coach will love by using a new 15 inch softball glove. Becoming the most noticeable player on the field starts with the gear you associate yourself with. An infielder would typically have an 11.5 to 12.5 inch softball glove. An outfielder would still have a 12 to 12.5 inch glove on average. So by that logic, a 15 inch softball glove may seem a bit overbearing but that is not the case. A 15 inch glove is still very manageable, and gives you more leverage when you take the field. You'll feel like a mile high wall when you're on defense, snagging the ball out of the air like it's practice.

More is always more

The perks of using a 15 inch softball glove don't stop here. The sheer length of the glove gives you a tactical advantage to reach for those impossible plays, giving you more confidence. Experienced players can judge the whereabouts of a ball and predict it's flight path. By increasing the length of the glove you minimize the chance of error by giving yourself more leeway. There's more stress in getting your glove to line up with the path of the ball when it's a smaller target. The large webbing and pocket make for a nice welcome sign so you can focus less on capturing the ball and more on where it needs to go. become an all star this season by having the skills and gear to cover anywhere on the field. You'll be equipped enough to cover the infield and outfield with less effort than ever. Having the lengthier features of a 15 inch softball glove also helps protect your hands. A hard hit ball could potentially injure your hands, the longer webbing bring the ball away fro your palm. With less of a chance for injury, you'll be playing longer and harder than ever before.  

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