Umpire Gear: What Should You Buy

Umpire Gear: What Should You Buy

Umpire Gear

Umpire Gear can be very tricky to figure out what is right for you. Everyone's body is different and requires different types of gear. This should be a pretty helpful guide as to how to go about buying gear for an Umpire. To start, you need to get an Umpire's kit. These kits include a Umpire ball bag and a ball-strike counter. These two items are essential to any umpire. You need to be able to hold a few balls at a time and be able to keep track of the at-bat going and the rest of the game as well. The ball-strike counter keeps track of score, inning, balls and strikes. It is a all in one tool for umpires. The rest of the gear includes a face mask, chest protector, and leg guards.

Face Mask

The face mask is one of the most important things you need to buy as an umpire. The face mask will be protecting your life when you are umpiring. Face masks come in a few different types of styles and use different types of metal. Some of the face masks come as titanium. This would most likely be the safest bet as it is a very strong metal, and won't send too much vibration through to your head. It will absorb some of the force coming from the ball. There are also steel masks that do a very good job at protection your head as well. These masks with be very similar in vibration control and will protect your head. Steel will do a very good job as well. Find face masks on our website from Rawlings, Wilson, and All-Star!

Chest Protector

Chest protectors will see the most action while you are umpiring. The chest protector is usually right about the catchers head, so when a ball is fouled off directly back, it usually hits the chest protector. Also, you can't always trust a catcher will be able to block every ball in the dirt. The chest protector you buy will have a be a good one. It will have to protect your shoulders as they can be hit very easily. The chest protectors are the last line of defense before your ribs and heart. Check out some of the Rawlings and All-Star options we have on our website.

Leg Protectors

Leg protectors are the last thing you will need to buy as an to complete your umpire gear set. The leg protectors are very important as well because, like mentioned before, you can't always trust the catcher will block the ball or at least get in front of it. Good leg protectors are needed as many balls hit them during the course of a game, let alone double header. Check out some of our Rawlings and Wilson leg protectors on our website.

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