Demarini CF8 - Baseball and Softball Bats

Demarini CF8 - Baseball and Softball Bats

Demarini CF8 - The Ferrari of Baseball and Softball Bats

The DeMarini CF8 has gotten the label of the “Mercedes Benz” of baseball bats; but calling it a “Ferrari” might be a better appellation. That is because it has a lightweight construction that is similar to those composite Ferrari sports cars. Typically, this bat has been used in the Little League and College World Series Championships due to its fast, lightweight action. The company engineers have created their ground-breaking “DoubleWall” technology to provide a springboard effect as you strike the ball. This might be ideal for those who like to hit a lot of singles in youth leagues.

Demarini CF8 Softball Bat - The Company's Bread and Butter

Back in 1989, Ray DeMarini founded his Hillsboro, Oregon bat making company. It has since been purchased by Wilson sports and ventured into other baseball product lines. Nevertheless, the DeMarini CF8 Softball bat models bats remain their bread and butter. There are many sizes for these Demarini bats. Its primary advantage is its superior sweet spot to swing speed ratio. You also will get the D-Fusion 2.0 handle on this model, which tends to dampen bat sting. What are the advantages of the DeMarini CF8 baseball bat? Basically, it is like using a lightweight composite tennis racket as opposed to the older wooden frames. You can improve your bat swing speed dramatically. When you strike the ball, you want it to pop off your bat. The DeMarini CF8 Paradox + Plus Composite material achieves optimal pop. These carbon fibers create a larger power zone also. These CF series bats deliver lightweight, speed which allows you to turn on a pitch quickly. You can also add features like the Low Pro End Cap for better grip.

Demarini CF8 Baseball Bat to CF X Bats

There is a full line of DeMarini CF8 bat models. These include the BBCOR, Fast-Pitch Softball, Senior League, Junior Big Barrel and Youth versions. The senior league bats are known as the Demarini CF8 big barrel bat models. These are available in different length-to-weight ratios. One of their special versions has the name the "Slapper". It is great for bunting and making sure you get on base. The DeMarini CF8 is the bat of choice of the College World Champion Oregon State and Louisiana State University teams. DeMarini remains one of the premier bat makers in the world. American-made materials and its DoubleWall innovation keep its fans well-equipped to increase their batting average by slapping the ball around the park. This has become a favorite for Little League, high school and college players. The "Ferrari" of baseball bats delivers in the clutch. They are also constantly improving as the years go by.  This year's CFX and CF Zen are the newest versions. They will not disappoint.

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