What to Look For in a Catchers Mitt

What to Look For in a Catchers Mitt

The Catchers Mitt For You

If you're looking for a new catchers mitt, you may be a little confused on what to look for and what is best for you. Luckily, we're here to help you through this tough process. There are definitely a few points that you must look for in order to find a perfect fit. These features include size, leather, and durability. Each feature plays an important role into the overall comfort for a catcher's glove. At the end of the day players need to find what is the best option for their new glove. Depending on how old you are, and how big you are, certain gloves will not work for you. A catchers mitt sizing largely depends on the size of the hand of the player that is using it. Obviously, if players have larger hands, a larger mitt will be more useful to them. The average range for a catchers mitt size is from 32 inches to 34 inches. But, there are gloves that fall outside of this range as everyone is different and need something else. Also, some players might like a bigger glove because it will give them a little extra reach. This is because with a little extra reach players can catch balls father out of the zone. But, some players would rather have a smaller mitt to feel more in control of the ball. For those of you looking for the rare model, a left handed catcher's mitt, you've come to the right place.  You can filter through our available catchers mitts on the left navigation to select the catchers mitts and the left hand throw options.  Then, you will see all of the left handed catcher's mitt models currently available.

Type of Leather

The type of leather that a mitt has varies by glove and by company, and have different qualities. Different leathers include, buffalo skin, full-grain leather, kip leather, cow hide, and premium steer hide. Each leather is home to its own perks. Buffalo skin is a tough leather with a medium break in process. Full grain leather is stiffer than most leathers and has a longer break in period, but generally has the best durability of all different leathers. Kip leather is a soft and light leather with a quick break in process with great durability, which makes it the best option for high end baseball gloves. Regular cow hide is the most generic leather and is a great option for youth players. Premium Steer hide is stiffer and stronger than cow hide, but has a longer break in period. Catchers look for great durability in their catchers mitt, as they can be expensive, so they want them for a long period of time. Generally, the more expensive gloves have better durability, but some gloves are obviously an exception. You definitely want a glove that will last for at least a few seasons. Many that buy expensive gloves see it as an investment because they will get more use out of it. At the end of the day, players must find what fits them best, and what they feel most comfortable playing with for the next couple of years. Look through an immense amount of options at our Baseball Bargains website!

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