T Ball Bat

The first T Ball Bat you buy will be the start to your kids career. These bats will be the first thing you kid will fall in love with about baseball. When looking for a t ball bat, you need to find a bat that fits your kid. If they are a smaller kid, make sure the bat is light enough for him. And, if they are big for there age, make sure the bat has a little weight on it to increase swing power. These bats will only be used for a year or to as well, so don't worry if they grow out of it. That brings me to my next point, don't buy the most expensive bat on the market. Make sure the bat is affordable on top of what else it has. It should be the bat right for your kid, and your bank account.

Mizuno Covert

We offer a great tee ball bat on our website, Baseball Bargains. We have the Mizuno Covert and it is one of the best t ball bats out there. The covert is great for any young player starting out as it has great balance. The weight feels to be evenly distributed and allows the hitter to put out a quality swing. In t ball, you often see kids with the top of the bat sagging as they swing. This is because the bat is simply too heavy for the developing kid. So, the Covert is perfect for many young players. Also, it is perfect for parents as it is only $28 on our website. For a bat used for one, maybe 2 seasons, this is a great price. You won't be investing too much money, and if they aren't a huge fan of baseball, you won't have wasted a lot. Many kids play tee ball, but some find they don't enjoy the game. Too be honest, they often don't like how they are performing. Sub-consciously, when they aren't getting the hits during the game, they might not enjoy the game. So, if you could find a bat that eliminated this, it would be great. Like mentioned earlier, the balance of the Covert is awesome and the swing will reflect that.

Growing Into New Bats

If you are at a level a little bit higher than t ball, we have a great selection of youth bats as well. We have youth bats on our site for very cheap, and we offer baseball and softball bats. These bats can consist of -13, or we even have -3 for first year BBCOR users. Youth bats will be the next step in your child's playing career. Again, they are still young so you need to follow the same rules. Make sure the bat has balance or the bat will sag. Or, even worse, they will drop there hands which will lead to a really bad habit. Also, make sure you don't spend a ton of money on a bat that will be used for a couple of seasons. Try a bat that is affordable or on sale, before you get into very expensive bats later down the road.

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