Rawlings Men’s Triple Threat Jacket vs. Mizuno Adult Comp Short-Sleeve Batting Jacket

Rawlings Men’s Triple Threat Jacket vs. Mizuno Adult Comp Short-Sleeve Batting Jacket Rawlings Men’s Triple Threat Jacket vs. Mizuno Adult Comp Short-Sleeve Batting JacketRawlings Men’s Triple Threat Jacket vs. Mizuno Adult Comp Short-Sleeve Batting Jacket

Rawlings Men’s Triple Threat Jacket

1 zip-off hood + 2 zip-off sleeves = 3 ways to elevate your game. That is the motto for the brand-new Rawlings Men’s Triple Threat Jacket. An item that is simply one of the most versatile pieces of sporting apparel. When it comes to game day apparel, players and coaches desire a high level variety. This jacket is a one of a kind that can offer that it spades. When outdoors in freezing and moist weather conditions, this jacket is waterproof. This awesome piece of apparel is also nice and toasty, featuring both water and wind resistant attributes. You can easily adapt by zipping off the hood or sleeves. The Rawlings Men’s Triple Threat Jacket has a back vent for temperature ventilation. Helping assure wearers are always feeling comfortable. This jacket also has, which is 100 percent Polyester woven, a Velcro enclosure for the hidden hood zipper. This jacket has other incredible attributes. These attributes include an elastic draw cord hem, a partial elastic sleeve cuff, and two front pockets. This product is available in men’s sizes of small through 3XL. When purchasing a product, it’s never a bad idea to do so from a company like Rawlings. Few companies are more experienced than Rawlings, a manufacturer that has been around since 1887. Rawlings has made a name for themselves by providing elite equipment to the best athletes on earth. Over the years the quality of this company’s products has to no surprise not dropped off one bit, as Rawlings remains one of the elite baseball equipment providers in the industry today. The Rawlings Men’s Triple Threat Jacket comes at a reasonable price tag, and is available to order, right here on the Baseball Bargains website. Whether you are a player or coach, you will be proud you have this jacket during the cold spring and fall months of the baseball season.

Mizuno Adult Comp Short-Sleeve Batting Jacket

Before you take the field for the game, you want to get a good batting practice in. The Mizuno Adult Comp Short-Sleeve Batting Jacket 350599 is a great piece of clothing to wear while getting ready to take the field. This Mizuno Jacket is perfect for either pregame warm ups or even practice. The Mizuno Comp Short-Sleeve is constructed out of 100 percent performance polyester material that is comfortable and durable. The jacket is meant to be light weight and is woven out of performance fabric. Another feature that is the DynaMotion Fit that is specifically made for the motions that baseball players often use. This will keep you a little warmer on those chilly nights at the ball field, but you will also look good. The top comes with side pockets that is perfect for holding anything from a baseball to your phone. The material that this batting jacket comes constructed out of is meant to be both wind and water resistant. These batting tops are perfect for teams as well. They come in a variety of colors including red, royal, navy, black, cardinal, forest, purple, and grey. While it comes in a bunch of different colors, it also comes in multiple sizes including small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large and xxx-large. Mizuno has been one of the top manufacturers in the game for over a century now. Mizuno has been able to keep their brand name at the top because they know what elite players are looking for in their equipment and gear. This Mizuno Adult Comp Short-Sleeve is a perfect match for your team, giving them a nice top for the dug out, pregame warm ups and even practice. Get your team looking like a legit ball club with the Mizuno Adult Comp Short-Sleeve model.

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