Wilson Youth Catchers Throat Guard A3902

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Wilson Youth Catchers Throat Guard A3902

Wilson Youth Catchers Throat Guard A3902

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Wilson Youth Catchers Throat Guard A3902 Features:

The Wilson Youth Catchers Throat Guard A3902 is 4íë_? in length and fits and ties to any model mask with included leather lace. Offered in a multitude of different colors, you can find the one that fits perfectly with the rest of your gear. This throat guard will give added protection and security to young players which in turn will have them play more confidently behind the plate. Make being a catcher as safe as possible by investing in the Wilson Youth Catchers Throat Guard. A throat guard is an overlooked commodity. But rest assured, safety, comfort and performance will reach all new levels when purchasing one. It prevents a catcher from swallowing seeds if a foul tip comes his way. It allows for paced, routine breathing. The guard can serve as a physical reminder for when a catcher should remove it to rehydrate. Lastly, the throat guard is an object that can automatically enhance a catcher s focus and communication skills. For if the pitcher is to hear him fluidly, or the fielders must when runners are in motion, the catcher will have to annunciate loudly so the guard does not affect his voice. A throat guard has an infinite amount of benefits both tangible and intangible, and the only way to know for sure if it is the right choice for you is if you give one a try.
  • Throat protector
  • fits any model mask
  • 4" length
  • ties to mask with leather lace (included)
  • color: black, navy, royal, scarlet, green.
  • A3902