Wilson Dyna-Lite Titanium Face Mask A3009TI

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Wilson Dyna-Lite Titanium Face Mask A3009TI

Wilson Dyna-Lite Titanium Face Mask A3009TI

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Product Type: Umpire Gear
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Wilson Dyna-Lite Titanium Face Mask | A3009TI :

The Wilson Dyna-Lite Titanium Face Mask A3009TI is a high end face mask for umpires. This umpire face mask uses titanium in the construction of the cage. This provides the Wilson titanium umpire mask with a light weight feel. So, the level of fatigue will reduce greatly. This is especially important for umpires who work a lot of games. In addition, double headers will now be much more manageable with this umpire mask from Wilson. Umpires look for any way to increase comfort when calling a game. Wearing all the necessary protective gear can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. In addition, the discomfort felt during hot summer day games can be overwhelming. This Wilson Dyna-Lite Titanium Face Mask will help reduce the discomfort the umpire feels in those conditions.

Wilson Titanium Umpire Mask

This umpire face mask is from Wilson. They have been making baseball and softball equipment for decades. So, you know you are purchasing a quality piece of equipment. This is because of the Wilson reputation. They are known throughout the industry for their quality and craftsmanship. Therefore, you should always look for the Wilson brand when you are in the market for any sporting goods. The Wilson Dyna Lite Titanium Face Mask is one of many pieces of umpire equipment that Wilson manufactures. Wilson has been the leader in the umpire equipment industry. Wilson consults Major League umpires to assist in the design of all pieces of umpire gear. So, you will get equipment that has been created by the end user. All of umpire gear that Wilson sells is durable, light weight, and comfortable. Be sure to check out all of the Wilson umpire gear on our website. We have a large selection of umpire leg guards and umpire chest protectors. We also have all of the accessories any umpire needs. But it all starts with this Wilson Titanium Umpire Mask. So, get what you need at Baseball Bargains.
  • High profile cage
  • Sand blast finish
  • Pad Material is Two tone with Black PU and tan leather.
  • Total Weight is 624G