Victus Pro Reserve Wood Bat V243

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Victus Pro Reserve Wood Bat V243

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$179.99 USD
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$179.99 USD
Sku: VRWMV243-31-natural-gray
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Victus Pro Reserve Wood Bat V243


The Victus Pro Reserve wood bat V243 has a long barrel and a thin handle to help create a slightly end-loaded feel. This provides the whip action power hitters are looking for. The Victus V243 has one of the largest barrels on a wood bat. So there is more mass behind the ball on contact.  That is why tyou will drive the ball further with this maple bat. The 243  has historically been the most common large barrel bat for baseball players. This is true for all levels of play, but escpecially at the high school level and above. This is because you do need to be a stronger person to get the heavier barrel through the zone without sacrificing bat speed.

All of the Victus Pro Reserve wood bats feature their ProPACT finish.

  • Traditional knob
  • Thin handle
  • Large barrel
  • End-Loaded feel
  • Maple wood bat
  • Approx. -3 weight drop
  • Big League-grade ink dot certified
  • 45-day manufacturer warranty included