Rawlings R1000 Gold Glove Players Backpack

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  • rawlings-r1000-gold-glove-equipment-bag
  • rawlings-r1000-gold-glove-equipment-bag
  • rawlings-r1000-gold-glove-equipment-bag
  • rawlings-r1000-gold-glove-equipment-bag
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Rawlings R1000 Gold Glove Players Backpack

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Sku: R1000-Graphite-Black
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Rawlings R1000 Gold Glove Players Backpack

The Rawlings R1000 Gold Glove Players Backpack is one of the best bags out there today. This bag has a lot going on and will help you keep track of your stuff better than ever before. So many times it takes about 5-10 minutes to find something in your bag. When it is something small, it can get caught up in something and it takes a while to find. With this glove, there is a place for everything.

Rawlings Baseball Bag Storage

Also, you will be able to protect a lot of your valuables. In this Rawlings baseball bag there is a fleece case that will be able to keep your phone, electronics, or any other jewelry safe during the game. Also, there is a glove crib that will keep your glove safe while it is in your bag. The glove crib is very important because your glove can lose its shape very easily while being in your bag. With the crib, you can put a ball in it and it will stay in the same place. The Rawlings R1000 Gold Glove Players Backpack also has very deep pockets and is pretty bulky. You will be able to fit a lot of your stuff in this Rawlings baseball bag as there is a ton of room and different compartments. The only person that wouldn t be able to fit their stuff in this bag is a catcher, as they need a catchers bag for all their gear. So pick up yours today from Baseball Bargains!

Rawlings Gold Glove Backpack

  • 20" H x 17" W x 16" D
  • Holds 2 Bats.
  • Customizable Top Valet Trey.
  • 2 fleece lined pockets for phone, accessories.
  • Main Compartment converts to game time shelf for easy access to gear.
  • Glove crib for glove storage.
  • Side pockets for external shoe storage.
  • Fence carabiner.
  • Daisy Chain for external batting glove storage.
  • Customizable protective glove shell crib.
  • Hidden magnet for easy headphone storage.
  • Easy to clean tarpaulin bottom material.