Rawlings Big Stick Ash Baseball Bat R318AV

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Rawlings Big Stick Ash Baseball Bat R318AV

Rawlings Big Stick Ash Baseball Bat R318AV

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Rawlings Big Stick Ash Baseball Bat R318AV

The Rawlings Big Stick R318AV Ash Wood Baseball Bat made out of top quality ash wood, contains incredible pop. This is a great bat for players looking to improve at the plate this season.

When choosing a baseball bat to buy for your next season, it is important to buy one made out of best material available. The Rawlings Big Stick R318AV Ash Wood Baseball Bat provides just that, as it contains top quality wood. Purchasing this high-caliber bat will help you achieve big things at the plate this season. This bat, made out Ash wood material, features a large barrel and a terrific sweet spot. This product generates a tremendous amount of power, because of its hard hitting surface and ability to be thrust into the hitting zone with great speed.

You will not believe how hard the balls you hit come off the bat when using this item. This bat is able to generate so much bat speed because of its larger hitting surface and increased sweet spot. This item is made with a 31/32-inch handle. The Rawlings logo is on the bat, giving the product an even more authentic look. Teammates and opposing players will no doubt be jealous of your great looking new bat. Even the best hitters can benefit from a little boost from their equipment, and this bat gives them just that. It comes in four different sizes, making it a great choice for a large range of hitters. Sizes start with as low as 31 inches long, to as high as 34 inches long.

When buying a product, it s never a bad idea to do so from a company that has been around for a long period of time. Few companies are more experienced than Rawlings, the maker of this fine baseball bat. Rawlings has been around since 1887. Over the years the quality of this company s products has amazingly not dropped off at all. Rawlings remains one of the top baseball equipment providers in the industry today.

The Rawlings Big Stick R318AV Ash Wood Baseball Bat is a product that truly lives up to its name, providing hitters with an incredibly solid bat that will help them get big results at the plate. This item comes at an affordable price too, so there is no reason not to pick one up for your next season. Make sure you purchase this item today, so you can see your offensive numbers soar higher than ever this year.