Mizuno Pro GMP2 400R 11.50'' Infield Baseball Glove

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Mizuno Pro GMP2 400R 11.50'' Infield Baseball Glove

Mizuno Pro GMP2 400R 11.50'' Infield Baseball Glove

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Mizuno Pro GMP2 400R 11.50" Infield Baseball Glove

The Mizuno Pro GMP2 400R 11.50 Infield Baseball Glove is a run-stopping defensive juggernaut. It will most definitely amp your fielding game thanks to its US Kip Leather. The leather provides tighter fibers that create more durability and a premium, soft feel. It also is the source of a Shell Leather Palm Liner that lends more of the same on the glove s outer shell. With a Regular classification, this glove is the ideal choice for the righty-thrower looking to crack the squad at any position. They will rejoice in knowing that with the Mizuno Pro GMP2 400R comes player pocket design tailored specifically for the break-in process. Additionally, the glove features comfortable, hand based patterns. These set the pocket under the GMP2 400R s T web to help shape the glove into a pro-caliber one.

Mizuno Dependability and Additional Features:

Mizuno prides themselves on being one of, if not the most trustworthy brand in all of baseball. So why try your hand elsewhere when you know what you re getting with Mizuno? Guaranteed excellence. Mizuno manufacturers their gloves with the customer in mind at all times. Thus, you will never find better customer service than you will with Mizuno either. If you want a glove that won t disappoint, then your best bet is with Mizuno. The Mizuno Pro GMP2 400R 11.50 is a career-changing piece of defensive hardware. If you ever wanted to become a human vacuum on the diamond, this glove will give you the confidence and skill-set to do just that. To field the baseball properly, you must square up your body and keep your glove down to the ground. With the GMP2 400R 11.50 , you put your faith in the mechanics and let the glove take care of the rest. If you want the glove where screaming base-hits go to die, then buy yours from Baseball Bargains today! SKU: 312492