Mizuno Advanced Finch Elite 5 Womens Softball Cleats

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Mizuno Advanced Finch Elite 5 Womens Softball Cleats

Mizuno Advanced Finch Elite 5 Womens Softball Cleats

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Mizuno Advanced Finch Elite 5 Womens Softball Cleats

The Mizuno Advanced Finch Elite 5 womens softball cleats are the premier choice for the serious softball player. While rubber, they play with the fast, pro-style of a spike pair. These mizuno softball cleats are available in sizes 5-12, and in five different color combinations. The color combinations of the Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Molded Cleats include Black and White, Navy and White, Red and White, Royal and White, and Solid White. So, you can match your team colors with these Mizuno molded softball cleats. Arguably the greatest player in her sport s history, the Jennie Finch brand in softball is like the Jordan brand elsewhere. It s trustworthy on name alone, but also provably excellent with its design, make-up, and high-performance. The Mizuno Advanced Finch Elite 5 womens softball cleats are representative of how dependable the Mizuno Company s top-of-the-line softball line of Mizuno molded cleats are. These Mizuno cleats are top choice of up and coming fastpitch softball players.

Mizuno Womens cleats

The design of these Mizuno womens cleats features the Mizuno 9 spike bottom. Mizuno strategically places each of the 9 spikes on the bottom of this softball shoe to maximize support, comfort and performance. The Mizuno 9 spike placement reduces the stress on the foot. This keeps you playing your best for long hours at a time. In addition, the Mizuno 9 spike placement also provides maximum traction to help be the quickest you can be. This is obviously very important to the serious fastpitch softball athlete. Therefore, if you are a serious player, you should consider the Mizuno Advanced Finch Elite 5 womens softball cleats.

Mizuno Softball Cleats

If you want the Mizuno softball cleats that are built with an advanced TPU outsole, great traction, and a design creating a versatile pair then look no further. They are not just for softball, but for other sports as well. The Mizuno Advanced Finch Elite 5 womens softball cleats also come equipped with a a Padded "Booty" Tongue for superior comfort and fit. These Mizuno molded cleats don't only satisfy the individual either. You can order a team's worth of Mizuno 9 Spike Advanced Molded Cleats. The softball team that dresses in unison plays in unison. When you're walking up to the dugout from the parking lot with your team, the opposition will know who is strutting into town. These Mizuno molded softball cleats will help your team stand out on and off the field.

Mizuno Molded Cleats

Why trust any other company when you know what you re getting with Mizuno molded cleats? The Mizuno Advanced Finch Elite 5 womens softball cleats are a staple of the softball market because any burgeoning all-star knows, that in order to beat the best, you must wear the best. These 9 spike Mizuno molded softball cleats are the best. Buy your Mizuno 9 Spike Advanced Molded Cleats from Baseball Bargains today. You will be sliding in safe at the plate tomorrow with these Mizuno cleats! SKU: 320639