Louisville Slugger WBTRHVY-OR 35 in Training Bat

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Louisville Slugger WBTRHVY-OR 35 in Training Bat

Louisville Slugger WBTRHVY-OR 35 in Training Bat

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Louisville Slugger WBTRHVY-OR 35 inch Training Bat Features:

The Louisville Slugger WBTRHVY-OR 35 in Training Bat is built like a regular wood bat, but weighs about 10oz more. The WBTRHVY-OR Training Bat helps to improve your swing by increasing your strength and speed while maintaining your form. This bat can be used as a warm up bat in the on deck circle. At approximately 44 ounces you will be swinging a bat much heavier than your game model. However, it is no too heavy as to cause bad habits. The added weight is ideal for loosening up the muscles before stepping to the plate. The Louisville Slugger Training Bat is like swinging a bat with a donut but also allows you to actually hit at the same time. This unique combination allows the hitter to take live batting practice thus enabling the hitter to see results while increasing strength during training.

Louisville Slugger Heavy Bat

Develop an exceptional power and speed in your hitting game by training with the Louisville Slugger WBTRHVY-OR 34 in Training Bat. You are sure to increase both your strength and bat speed with every training session. It only makes sense that if you can get around the 44 ounces and make good contact during your hitting session, you will surely be hitting frozen ropes with your game model. The Louisville Slugger WBTRHVY-OR is manufactured by one of the top names in the wood bat industry. Louisville Slugger has been producing wood bats for decades. So when you train with this bat you know you are using a quality piece of equipment from a name you can trust. The Louisville Slugger WBTRHVY-OR 35 in Training Bat is available for purchase today on our Baseball Bargains website. Get yours today.

  • Versatile 5-in-1 Weighted Training Bat
  • 35 inches
  • 43-44 ounces
  • Orange