Louisville Slugger Prime USA Baseball Bat Drop 10 UBP9B1020

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Louisville Slugger Prime USA Baseball Bat Drop 10 UBP9B1020

Louisville Slugger Prime USA Baseball Bat Drop 10 UBP9B1020

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Louisville Slugger Prime USA Baseball Bat Drop 10 UBP9B1020

The Louisville Slugger Prime USA baseball bat drop 10 UBP919B10 is one of the best performing bats on the baseball market today. And, the all-new 2020 model has only made improvements from last year’s model. Louisville is one of the best companies in regards to innovating their products and improving on them year after year. This endless work creates the best solutions to improving the equipment they produce. With this bat in hand, you will be able to make every swing you take count in your next season. In regards to feel, pop, handle, and every aspect of hitting a baseball, the technologies in the bat provide only the best performance. The features of the Louisville Slugger Prime USA baseball bat are what makes the performance of this bat go through the roof.

Louisville Slugger USA Bats

The two-piece construction of these Louisville Slugger USA bats features an all new ADV MicroForm barrel and a composite handle lay the base for the explosiveness of this bat. What a USA bat is constructed of helps determine its performance on the field. The barrel construction maximizes barrel size while still maintaining high performance and pop. To maximize the barrel shape, Louisville adds the RTX end cap design to these Louisville Slugger USA bats. The VCX Vibration Control connection seamlessly join the barrel and handle while allowing independent movement between the two. This helps control vibration, reduce sting, and offer an unmatched feel on contact. To both comfort your swing and ensure excellent grip, the LS PRO Comfort Grip gives you a mix of cushion and tack to complete your swing. From top to bottom, every feature seamlessly works together in this bat to help it perform on the field for you. The sizes of this bat range from 28 inches to 32 inches and have a weight of minus 10 in comparison to length. Meaning if you have a 30 inch bat, it will weight 20 ounces. Come get your Louisville Slugger Prime USA baseball bat today.


  •  Meets USA Bat standard
  •  Approved for play in Little League Baseball, AABC, AAU, Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, and PONY baseball
  • 2pc Composite - ADV MicroForm barrel features an advanced construction that maximizes barrel size while maintaining maximum performance and pop on contact
  • Features VCX Vibration Control Connection - a patented design that allows for independent movement between the barrel and the handle; that controls vibration and provides unmatched feel on contact.
  • RTX end cap design maximizes the barrel shape
  • Balanced swing weight for the ultimate combination of speed and power
  • LS PRO Comfort Grip for the perfect mix of tack and cushion

Model: WTLUBP9B1020