Easton Pro X Backpack

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Easton Pro X Backpack

Easton Pro X Backpack

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Easton Pro X Backpack

The Easton Pro X Backpack is a premier baseball equipment bag for dedicated players looking to develop into the five-tool player. The security and integrity of a players equipment can go a long way in how they feel and play on the baseball diamond. That is why Easton Redesigned this bat bag to be more player-friendly and safer all around. It starts with the all-new Glove Vault. This is a molded protective cover on the top portion of the bag that keeps gloves and hats from getting crushed or flattened during travel.

The Easton Pro X Backpack bag also offers protection for electronics including cell phones and laptops. There are also internal stretchable pockets on the inside for smaller personal items to remain secure. The Sport Utility Dual Zipper Design comes complete with a fence hook and a durable construction for easy access to mount in the dugout and give you the durability to survive the rigors or a travel players season.

The Easton Pro X Backpack has two extraordinary features that make it stand out against all other bat packs available today. With the inclusion of five exterior pockets the bag is capable of holding four bats. Therefore, players will have room for all of their different bats as well as safe, clean places to to put water bottles. Most conventional bat packs have only 2 spots to hold bats or water bottles. The other feature that is unique to this bag is it s size. The space inside the bag is cavernous when you compare it to other bags on the market. So, if you have a lot of equipment, this bag will hold it all. You can even use it to transport a set of catchers gear, if you pack it just right.

Easton Pro X Back Pack Features:

  • Extra Large capacity backpack
  • Glove Vault with protective cover
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Interior shelf
  • Padded back and shoulder straps
  • Vented shoe compartment

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