Easton MLF6 Fungo A110196 Baseball Bat

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Easton MLF6 Fungo A110196 Baseball Bat

Easton MLF6 Fungo A110196 Baseball Bat

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Easton MLF6 Fungo A110196 Baseball Bat Features:

Easton MLF6 Fungo A110196 is the baseball bat that every coach needs. Every player needs a high quality tool to help them succeed. The same is true for those coaching them. If a coach does not come to practice with high-quality equipment, they will struggle to give their players the guidance, and experience needed to succeed. Fortunately for those coaches, Easton has developed the ultimate coach s tool in the Easton MLF6 Fungo A110196. This bat is truly a cannot miss item for those mentoring youngsters on the ball field this season. Coaches looking for the perfect bat to use during their team s fielding practices, should strongly consider purchasing the MLF6. This fungo bat makes it easier to hit grounders, fly balls, pop-ups and liners to players on the field. Thus, your practices will never run better, and your players will get the level of fielding practice they need to succeed in their actual games. This product has been cupped on its end, providing a light and easy swing for those using it. The North American Maple bat is 34 inches long and has 7/8 diameter handle, making it a great sized bat for coaches and parents to handle. In addition, it is also quite light, weighing in at just 0.6 pounds. It is made out of rock hard wood material that is extremely strong and durable. This is a bat that will not break down after just one season. It will be an item you use for years to come. Why waste time and money frequently having to buy bats? Purchase one that is truly built to last.

Easton Maple Fungo Colors

You can order the Easton MLF6 Fungo A110196 in a variety of colors. Color options include black, clear, honey, navy, red, and royal. This bat also features a fantastic Easton design, that will wow those around you. When purchasing bats intended mostly for practice use, you should look to buy from a top notch company. The company this bat comes from is Easton, a sporting goods provider that carries a tremendous reputation for producing high-end baseball and softball equipment. When choosing to purchase a sporting goods item that you plan on using frequently, choosing the Easton company is always the way to go. Some of the most important hours of a young player s development happen during practice out on the field. Therefore, coaches out there should come to the field equipped with a bat that can give the players on their team the best practice experience possible. The Easton MLF6 Fungo A110196 can do just that, keeping you in full control of where the ball is heading out on the diamond. It comes at an affordable price as well, and is a must have for any coach or parent. Make sure you purchase one as soon as possible.

  • North American Maple
  • 34" bat
  • 7/8" diamter handle