Easton Fuze 360 Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat BB20FZH

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Easton Fuze 360 Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat BB20FZH

Easton Fuze 360 Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat BB20FZH

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Easton Fuze 360 Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat BB20FZH

The Easton Fuze 360 Hybrid BBCOR baseball bat BB20FZH comes with C-CORE technology that widens the sweet spot and makes this bat deadly for any player that uses it.

Few companies understand the game of baseball better than Easton. Easton is a seller which has established itself as one of the top and most trusted sporting goods manufacturers. So when it comes to buying a new bat for your next season at the plate, you should strongly consider purchasing one their products. The Easton Fuze 360 Hybrid BBCOR baseball bat BB20FZH is one of Easton's newest creations, and is a great choice to help players perform offensively better than ever before. Those purchasing this Easton Fuze 360 -3 provides hitters with a great balanced feel at the dish. The craftsmen at Easton have given the bat a two-piece hybrid design, which offers a power balanced feel. This design helps provide hitters with an ideal amount of balance while in the batter s box.

This bat also comes with C-CORE internal core technology. This technology combined with the item s ATAC Alloy construction, helps create the thinnest walls in the game. Another great feature that comes with this bat it is its patented two-piece ConneXion technology. This technology helps maximize energy transfer during a player s swing, to give the bat an optimized feel during at-bats. Also giving the bat a great feel for hitters, is its EXACT carbon handle. This handle completely eliminates any vibration a player might have to deal with in lower quality bats.

This bat comes in four different sizes. Sizes start as small as 31 inches long and go as high as 34 inches long. This product also features a 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter. The bat features one of the longest aluminum bat barrels in the game today, allowing hitters to make better contact on those hard to reach pitches. The bat also comes with a 31/32-inch composite handle, with a LIZARDSKIN grip. The sleek black and blue design of the bat will amaze your teammates and opposing players as well.

Easton BBCOR Bats

The company in which this bat comes from is Easton, a sporting goods manufacturer that carries a tremendous track record for producing high-end baseball equipment. When choosing to purchase a sporting goods item that you plan on using frequently, choosing the Easton company is always the way to go. The Easton Fuze 360 Hybrid BBCOR baseball bat BB20FZH offers hitters a great combination of balance and power, and is a bat that should not be missed out on this season. This brand-new product can be purchased right here on the Baseball Bargains website for a very competitive price. You do not want to swing and miss on this item. Order as soon as possible!

  • ATAC Alloy - Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction reinforced with Carbon-Core™ technology and 360 Engineering for 360 degrees of barrel tuned precision for the thinnest walls in the game, pushing the limits of performance
  • 2-piece ConneXion+™ Hybrid design combines a stiff Launch Comp™ Carbon handle with ATAC Alloy barrel. Built with Nitrocell™ foam for a lighter and better feeling connection between the handle and barrel.
  • Forged Composite Cap - Lighter and stiffer composite end cap increases barrel trampoline and provides a Speed Balanced feel
  • Power Boost™ - Patent-pending “Soft Knob” technology provides hitters more leverage and power potential, while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand
  • Speed Balancedswing weight provides optimized barrel length and balance point for fast swing speed
  • Lizard Skins™ custom bat grip provides the ultimate feel, cushion and tack
  • Certification: BBCOR


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