Easton E900C Wheeled Catchers Bag * A163010

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Easton E900C Wheeled Catchers Bag * A163010

Easton E900C Wheeled Catchers Bag * A163010

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Easton E900C Wheeled Catchers Bag A163010*

Those hoping to have a high quality baseball or softball equipment team bag for their next season, should strongly consider purchasing the Easton E900C Wheeled Catchers Bag A163010. This item comes with a fantastic price tag, and is made from a top of the line sporting goods company. Most importantly it does a terrific job of carrying all your baseball or softball related items. In addition, it keeps them in amazing condition. This player s bag features a large capacity heavy duty design, which gives the item massive zippers to work with, that provide easy access to equipment. It is the perfect carrying bag for any baseball or softball player constantly on the go, thanks to the stable wide set wheels on the product, which give it an amazing amount of mobility and prevent the bag from ever tipping over. The product s strong bottom rails also make transporting your equipment more efficient than ever. The bag, which has dimensions of 36" x 16"W x 14" H, is extremely spacious. Its large interior can easily carry the offensive and defensive equipment of any player. It also is a great place to store valuable items like cell phones or wallets during games. Additionally, it has pockets that are lined and an insulated water bottle holder. This item includes a fantastic integrated fence hooks. This features allows players to latch their bags on to a fence in the dugout, so they do not get dirty or accidentally stepped on by other players. Keeping the bag out of harm, will allow it to potentially be used for many seasons to come.

Easton Catchers Bag

The Easton E900C Wheeled Catchers Bag A163010 comes with one of the most creative looking bag designs on the market. It is also comes with a sleek looking black appearance. This bag comes from Easton, a company with a long tradition of manufacturing quality baseball and softball equipment. When choosing to purchase a sporting goods item that you plan on using frequently, going with a well-established and highly regarded company like Easton is always the right call. The unique design on the Easton E900C Wheeled Catchers Bag A163010, combined with its fantastic storing ability, makes it a cannot miss item. This bag also comes at a cannot miss price on the Baseball Bargains website. So, order this fine item today, and watch your pre-game and postgame experience become a lot more enjoyable.

  • Large capacity heavy duty
  • Stable wide-set wheels
  • Strong bottom rails with integrated fence hooks
  • Insulated water bottle holder
  • lined valuables pocket
  • 36"L x 16"W x 14" H T420D
  • Comes in black only.