Easton Alpha 360 BBCOR Baseball Bat BB20AL

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Easton Alpha 360 BBCOR Baseball Bat BB20AL

Easton Alpha 360 BBCOR Baseball Bat BB20AL

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Easton Alpha 360 BBCOR Baseball Bat BB20AL

The Easton Alpha 360 BBCOR baseball bat BB20AL is a one-piece staple of the offensive market. With premium ATAC alloy, balance is ensured throughout. Additionally, the bat has an optimal swing weight that allows the hitter to produce great bat speed. In an age where exit velocity is being used as a key measurement more often, it is important to have your hands on the bat that will produce the most distinct sound. So if demolishing baseball at lightning speed is what you re after, then look no further.

Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction breeds a better bat, and even better ballplayer. The power-first material is what makes the Easton Alpha BB20AL a top, sought after commodity. By maximizing the capacity for full fledged extension and sweet spot impact, elite caliber acceleration is imminent. Thus, with this bat comes guaranteed performance, and at an incredibly affordable price.

Easton Alpha BBCOR Bat:

An extended barrel, CARBON-CORE technology, and a LIZARD SKIN grip complete the bat built game ready to perform. Available in Black, Charcoal, and Gold, it looks as slick as it hits. The bat confirms Easton s status as a superior brand to others. Moreover, it proves that Easton manufacturers all their products with the customer in focus at all times. So why look elsewhere? You won t find better customer service or satisfaction anywhere else. With a lot of companies, time is the only factor that will tell how long lasting and high-performing a product is. But with Easton, you know from the moment of purchase that you will earn back your money on your way to the top. Hence, not only will this bat take you the next level; it will help you conquer it.

So, buy your 29in through 34in Easton Alpha 360 BBCOR baseball bat BB20AL from Baseball Bargains today and you ll be amplifying your season slugging percentage by tomorrow!

  • 1-piece ATAC Alloy - Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction reinforced with Carbon-Core™ technology and 360 Engineering for 360 degrees of barrel tuned precision for the thinnest walls in the game, pushing the limits of performance
  • Speed Cap™ provides a more flexible and responsive barrel with a natural sound on impact
  • VRSCOR™ handle insert reinforces the handle to create solid feel on contact
  • Power balanced swing weight provides optimized barrel length and balance point with more mass in the barrel for added power
  • Lizard Skins™ custom bat grip provides the ultimate feel, cushion and tack
  • Certification: BBCOR

SKU: A112 949