Demarini Girls Fierce Belted Pants

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Demarini Girls Fierce Belted Pants

Demarini Girls Fierce Belted Pants

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Demarini Girls Fierce Belted Pants Features:

Want to be the fiercest looking team in your youth softball league this season. Then your team needs to be rocking this Demarini Girls Fierce Belted Pants on game day. No other youth pants look or perform as well as these ones do. With their affordable price here on the Baseball Bargains website, it would be unwise to pass up on them for your next year of play. These Demarini Girls Fierce Belted Pants come made out of fantastic double knit fabric. This fabric makes the pants extremely durable. Therefore, these pants could last players over the course of multiple softball seasons. This is extra valuable when it comes to young players, that may have a habit of playing reckless. The fabric of these pants is also made with 100 percent polyester material. This gives players additional flexibility, so they can stay at their most fierce all game long.

Demarini Softball Pants

The Demarini Girls Fierce Belted Pants comes with other great features like a low-rise fit with an elastic bottom, 2-set in back pockets, and a wordmark gripper elastic waistband with a drawcord. The double layered knees of these pants will provide players with top of the line lower body protection as they dive and slide around the field. Moisture wicking technology will also allow players to stay cool and dry while they play. You will not hear young player complain about being uncomfortable in these pants. This item weighs less than one pound, and comes in sizes ranging from small to large. The product comes in seven different colors, so you can easily find a version of these great pants that your young player loves. Those that purchase these softball pants can also feel assured that they are buying it from a top notch sporting goods manufacture in Demarini, a company that has built a reputation as one of the most reliable in the baseball and softball equipment and attire industry. The Demarini Girls Fierce Belted Pants will have any young player more excited to take the softball field. Pick up a pair or two of them today!