All Star League Leg Guards T-Ball LGTBALL

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All Star League Leg Guards T-Ball LGTBALL

All Star League Leg Guards T-Ball LGTBALL

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All Star League Leg Guards T-Ball LGTBALL Features:

During the introductory years of a catcher s development, it is vitally important that their legs remain injury free. This way they can stay out on the field and fall in love with the game of baseball or softball. The All Star League Leg Guards T-Ball LGTBALL are a fantastic product designed to keep the entire leg area of a novice catcher protected and comfortable. Therefore, it is an item every young player behind the plate needs for their next league. The All Star League Leg Guards T-Ball LGTBALL are a top choice for catchers from the ages of 5 to 7 years old. This product comes with a double knee design, which goes a long way in keeping the fragile and developing knees of young player safe. The knee caps are padded with high impact resistant plastic, which will limit the pain catchers may feel when a ball or bat strikes their knees. There is also a curved instep in this design, which help keeps the knee areas more comfortable while the player wearing them is moving around. This item also includes a full wing shin padding, protecting catchers from balls hitting them directly on sensitive leg bones. The padding comes complete with an AEGIS Microbe Shield, that prevents bacteria from building up on the item. This pair of leg guards has a cool look behind the plate, that young players will adore. It comes in a sleek black design that provides your future gold glover a professional appearance. The item also weighs just over 1 pound, giving any young player using it a great light feel on their legs. It also comes with Velcro straps that allow the item to be adjustable to fit a wide range of players. This is a very helpful tool, when it comes to kids who are constantly growing out of their equipment. Those that decide to purchase this terrific t-ball catcher s leg guard can feel satisfied knowing that the product comes from a top of the line sporting goods company. All Star Sporting Goods, has developed a reputation as one of the best baseball and softball equipment providers in the industry. Over the years, the All Star company has aided thousands of players in putting together All Star level seasons. So with these leg guards your young player can do the same. The All Star League Leg Guards T-Ball LGTBALL is the ultimate protector for a young t-ball catcher s valuable legs. It is a product that their coaches and parents should not miss out on. The item is available now to purchase on the Baseball Bargains website, and comes at a very affordable price. Therefore, make sure you order this product for your youth player s next season!
    • Double knee design
    • High impact resistant plastic components
    • Full wing shin padding
    • AEGIS Microbe Shield
    • Velcro straps for sizes
    • 10"