All Star AFX Fastpitch Catchers Set CKW-AFX

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All Star AFX Fastpitch Catchers Set CKW-AFX

All Star AFX Fastpitch Catchers Set CKW-AFX

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All Star AFX Fastpitch Catchers Set CKW-AFX

The All Star AFX Fastpitch Catchers Set is a combination of elite-quality protective gear that is engineered to better meet the demands of the fastpitch game. This set includes a MVP2500 series catcher's mask, CPW-AFX chest protector and the LGW-AFX leg guards. All of which are for elite protection and long-lasting durability. The MVP2500 is a solid- colored molded catcher s mask that is made from ABS impact resistant plastic shaped into a competitive, consistent design that will fit securely around a player s head. This mask will protect vulnerable areas of the neck and face. An exclusive I-Bar Vision Cage improves a catcher's visibility with flattened eye openings thats drastically improves field of vision for better receiving. 3D mesh padding and a moisture controlled liner improve protection while offering a comfortable fit. The CPW-AFX chest protector is specifically designed for fastpitch players with a thin, lightweight design. It has multiple break points to match the female form. It also has a streamlined shoulder width to allow full range of motion which makes throwing the ball effortless..The harness allows for easy adjustment. The LGW-AFX is a triple-knee leg guard offers their patented LINQ system. This allows for maximum mobility. The leg guard straps are stitched to cross and rest comfortably on the players calf.  This eliminates the bunching under the knee. 

All Star Catchers Sets

Coming from All Star this set will not disappoint. The All Star company has been around for a long time and has been one of the top companies since. All Star provides quality equipment from the youth level to the pro level, with no break in quality. If you want a kit of incredible quality, then All Star is the company for you.

These All Star catchers sets are available in two sizes - small and medium,  You can also look to build a set by purchasing the pieces separately to match up to your body proportions.  The chest and leg guards are available for purchase on our site  individually in size large which is 17.5 inches for the chest protector and 15.5 inches for the leg guards.  The sizes of the set pieces are listed below. So, make sure you purchase this quality kit here from Baseball Bargains.

Small Set includes:

  • MVP2510 mask - fits - 6 1/4 - 7
  • CPW-AFX-SML - 15.5 inch Chest Protector
  • LGW-AFX-SML - 13.5 inch Leg Guards

Medium Set includes:

  • MVP2500 mask - fits - 7 - 7 3/4
  • CPW-AFX-MED - 16.5 inch Chest Protector
  • LGW-AFX-MED - 14.5 inch Leg Guards

Large Set Includes:

  • MVP2500 mask - fits - 7 - 7 3/4
  • CPW-AFX-LGE- 17.5 inch Chest Protector
  • LGW-AFX-LGE- 15.5 inch Leg Guards