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Under Armour Youth Baseball Helmets

Under Armour Youth Baseball Helmets

Under Armour youth baseball helmets lead the market in one the most critical pieces of baseball gear. Wearing a helmet is vital. Head injuries are some of the most serious injuries in baseball. You should wear a batting helmet  when at the plate, waiting for a turn at bat, and running the bases. The majority of youth baseball helmets protect against balls thrown up to 68 mph. High school baseball players should be wearing helmets that guard up to 100 mph. This is to protect against bigger and stronger athletes. They throw harder. So, you need to have a helmet that can take the impact. Under Armour youth baseball helmets provide protection. They also deliver superior performance and comfort. The sturdy yet lightweight ABS plastic offers high impact resistance without any added bulk. Dual density foam liners also help absorb and deflect shock. The large vents and sweat wicking liners provide maximum airflow and breath ability to keep athletes cool and comfortable. The Under Armour youth baseball helmets use anti odor technology to eliminate the growth of odorous microbes. [product_tag tags="under-armour-youth-baseball-helmets"]

Youth Helmets with Face Mask

Most Under Armour youth baseball helmets do not come with a face mask or chin strap. However the helmets come with pre mounted hardware to install this optional face protection. An athlete's ears are protected by the helmet's durable wrapped earpieces. Size is the most important factor to consider when choosing a baseball helmet. It is important to choose a helmet that fits snug. It should not slide around when running. A youth baseball helmet is not a piece of equipment designed to grow with the athlete. Founded in 1996 as a manufacturer of performance apparel, Under Armour has since expanded into other sports equipment markets. As a leader in the baseball equipment industry, Under Armour's helmets are a big piece of their success.
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