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Under Armour Helmet

Under Armour Helmet

An Under Armour Helmet is one of the best helmets available. Under Armour has become one of the more flashier companies in baseball equipment. They have been using sleek designs and flashy colors to attract buyers. And, it is working. They are making no exceptions for their helmets. They have helmets in almost very color and have a lot of camouflage helmets. The camouflage helmets also come in a bunch of different colors as well. Under Armour has found their niche in the baseball world by making and designing sleek, cutting edge equipment. Also, their products aren't a disappointing once you use them. Their helmets are among if not the best helmets around. They protect your head and also your ears and part of your neck. With helmets available with a cage or ones where you can put one on, it is a choice second to none. [product_tag tags="under-armour-helmet"]


An Adult Under Armour Helmet will protect you from virtually anything. These helmets can take a beating and still protect you. Also, they have a great shock absorbing system. So, in the off chance you get hit in the head with a ball, it will handle the shock. The sizes on these helmets do run small, as an adult helmet runs from 6 1/2 to 7 1/2. And, if you fall on one of those barrier numbers, it may be a smarter choice to buy a different helmet. But, if you are that size they have a ton of choices in different colors and in Camo. So, no matter what color your team is, they have a helmet for you. The shell on the adult helmets have also been designed to promote comfort. Nothing is more annoying than a helmet that distracts you at the plate or on the bases.


The youth baseball helmets are just as protective, but have less technology to reduce weight. As a youth player, you are barely strong enough to hold your own head up to begin with. So, you don't want an extremely heavy helmet weighing them down. The helmets for youth players don't have to account for the speed of pitching as the adult helmets are. In youth baseball, gas is a 75 mph pitch. In the adult sizes, gas is a 90 mph pitch. But, these helmets still have the great shock absorbing technology the adult helmets have. They also have the carbon helmet which provide maximum protection. Carbon is a very strong material and when put on the helmet to protect it, it will get the job done. Under Armour has some great innovations in the helmet game and they definitely have a good track record. So I one hundred percent recommend trying them out.
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