Softball Pants

Softball Pants

When it comes to Softball Pants, all players go with the knee high look. So, before we talk about pants, your sock game better be really good. Almost every softball manufacturer produces Softball Pants. Obviously, every company has a different style and produce them in a different way. So, not every pair of pants are going to be exactly the same. Sometimes the sizes are a little different and the materials are a little different. For example, Rawlings pants tend to be thicker. This is great for sliding because it reduces cuts and scrapes from sliding. And again, Mizuno and Easton pants are very similar as both are slim and thin. They are great pants for summer ball and help control sweat in the heat of summer. All pants are different and they serve a different purpose for every player. [product_tag tags= "softball-pants"]


Mizuno pants are a great option for any player as they are pretty slim and come in many different options. They offer pants in a plethora of colors, and offer in solid or piping. Piped pants are a classic look in baseball or softball as it uses the base color of the jersey and runs a line down the pants. It completes all jerseys and gives it a fresh look on the field. As a player myself, I always love having pants with piping on it as it completes the look. But, if you aren't into the piping, Mizuno offers solid pants in a lot of colors as well. They offer great pants for a fair price as well. For $31, you can get pants that will last and get you through the season without burns.


Easton offers pants in the Mako series. And, if Easton is going to put the Mako name on it, it is going to be a good product. These pants are similar to Rawlings pants as they are thicker than most and designed for sliding. This is great news for all softball players as they slide a lot. These pants will also last you seasons to come because of how thick they are. Don't get me wrong, they aren't so thick that you will lose feelings in your legs, but they will protect your skin as well as last the tough seasons. Overall, Easton made these pants for the sliding player, and got it right.

Baseball Bargains

If you are in the market for pants, you might need to buy more than one. So, if you are concerned with pricing you have come to the right spot. On our website, we offer pants from some of the best softball manufacturers in the business. We offer pants from Mizuno, Rawlings, DeMarini, and Easton. Each of these companies offers a different take on what the pants should be like, and offer them for a fair price. Each pair of pants is intended for a different player, so try to find the pair you feel fits your style of play.