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Rawlings Fastpitch Bat

Rawlings Fastpitch Bat

A good Rawlings Fastpitch bat is not hard to come by as most of the bats are great and will do any player justice. You will get your moneys worth and the life span of these bats are incredible. They make a ton of great bats and they are available in different lengths and weights so every type of hitter can get a chance to swing them. From what I know about softball, as a slap hitter you would want a lighter bat and a power hitter needs a little bit of more weight to it. Bats like the Velo and the Quatro are the reasons as to why Rawlings has found so much success in the fastpitch market. Both of these bats use cutting edge technology and are at the top of the list for best bats. That is two bats from the same company for the best. [product_tag tags="rawlings-fastpitch-bat"]


The Quatro is one may be the best Rawlings Bat. This bat is a great series as it also is a great BBCOR bat in the game of baseball. The Quatro is available in every fastpitch softball league so there isn't any problems with this bat. They way this bat is set up with the two piece design, you can center any ball and hit it to any part of the field you want. Rawlings has been around since 1887 so they know what it takes to make an elite bat. This bat come sin all different lengths and two different weights. What is great about this bat is how it accelerates through the zone even after it makes contact. This gets you in a good habit to swing all the way through and continue your swing until the end. The Quatro is one of the best bats today.


The next great bat in the Rawlings series is the Velo. The Velo is also available in sizes 28 through 32 but only has a -9 on our website. The Velo is another great series as they have a great line of baseball bats. These bats are made from premium alloy and are at the top of the line for any softball bat. Every dedicated player should consider this bat as it will improve your hitting ability and you gap power. Gap power is a huge force in softball as that is where you get your doubles, triples, and RBIs. The Velo is a sleek design and looks great in any players hands. Definitely worth a shot.
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