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Pink Baseball Bat

The pink baseball bat is commemorative of the Susan G. Komen breast cancer center. It is a sort of tribute to all of the women who have had or will get breast cancer. At all levels of baseball, this pink bat is used to demonstrate support of women who suffer from this horrible disease. Many times, the organizations of baseball will also donate some money from their activities to find a cure for breast cancer. So, you can show your support of this charity by using a pink baseball bat. Baseball reaches a lot of nations around the world. The pink baseball bat creates dialogue. People can have a good time running around the bases and try to make it around all the diamonds to reach home. There is a romantic idea behind baseball. You might have seen the "Field of Dreams" movie. The idea was to simply build a baseball stadium and the people would arrive. In many ways, this was a parallel of the American Dream. The idea was that people from all nations could enjoy the freedom of this new country.

Dreams of a Cure

The Statue of Liberty also promises a form of this dream. The statue says the following - "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." This quote is from Emma Lazarus' sonnet, "New Colossus," which was used to raise money for the Statue of Liberty. People who give to a noble cause can create a true legacy. People might not remember your normal activities, but they might know about your charitable activities. When you give to those who suffer, you shine. And, wouldn't it be wonderful to cure breast cancer? Nowadays, there are so many modern wonders. Why can't people find a cure for breast cancer? People are living longer. Some people have reconstructed knees, hips or backs. As a result, the modern medicine has been able to give them the ability to live a good long life.

Awareness is the Goal

By using a pink baseball bat, you can share the pain, suffering and hope of finding a cure for breast cancer. You will not give up. Some of these breast cancer survivors feel all alone. The modern society places a lot of focus on appearances. Some breast cancer survivors believe that they are alone and less worthy. So, by supporting these women, you give them hope. You can help them find a breast cancer cure. The swinging of a pink baseball bat will not only show your support, it will also bring awareness to this disease.

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