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Louisville Catchers Gear

Louisville has made a name for itself in the world of baseball. It is synonymous with quality, performance, and durability. However, some people assume that Louisville only makes wooden baseball bats. This brand also makes other items like catcher's gear. You can select a Louisville catchers gear set for yourself by learning more about included items. [product_tag tags="louisville-catchers-gear"]

Helmet and Face Mask

Catchers are vulnerable to injuries behind home plate. A stray bat swing can hit the catcher in the face or head. A wild pitch can likewise land between the catcher's eyes or on the nose. The injuries inflicted by such accidents can be devastating. You could lose teeth, break your nose, or lose consciousness. You need to protect your face and head while you play this position. As such, the Louisville catchers gear set comes with a protective helmet and face guard for you to wear. The helmet consists of ABS plastic, which is protects against high impacts and prevents injury. It fits securely on your head but is also easy to remove. The helmet has a facemask attached. The mask shields your nose and mouth. However, it also provides a clear line of view and does not obstruct your vision.

Chest Protector and Leg Guards

Your face and head are not the only vulnerable areas while you play this position. Your legs and chest can also suffer injuries like bruises and welts. To keep you safe, the Louisville catchers gear set includes pads for your chest and legs. The chest protectors are unique with their extended shoulder protection. Your entire chest and lower abdomen are protected from hits from bats or pitches. The leg guards likewise offers safety from low balls or collisions with runners. You can play all igame without suffering scratches, bruises, or scrapes. The Louisville catchers gear is for players of all ages and skill levels. It comes with a warranty that protects against defects and damages.
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