Mizuno Classic Pro GXT2A 9 in Training Glove

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  • Mizuno Classic Pro GXT2A 9 in Training Glove
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Mizuno Classic Pro GXT2A 9 in Training Glove

Mizuno MVP Prime SE GXT3A 10'' Baseball Infield Training Glove

All Star Equalizer CM3000TM Training Mitt 35 in

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Mizuno Classic Pro GXT2A 9 in Training Glove Features:

The Mizuno Classic Pro GXT2A 9 in Training Glove helps you improve your game in the field. The Classic Pro GXT2A built with rich natural leather that gives it the feel of a glove that you d use in a real game. The GXT2A baseball training glove is only 9 inches but is able to fit on adult hand. The Mizuno Classic Pro is a perfect aid for fielding and throwing drills. The Mizuno Classic Pro will also help you develop the proper mechanics to make you a gold glover. Thus, The Classic Pro GXT2A 9 in Training Glove will help to improve your hand eye coordination and reaction time.

Mizuno Training Glove

A number of drills can be done with this Mizuno training glove to improve defense. The reduced margin for error due to the size of this glove is the most important aspect. At 9-inches, the Classic Pro GXT2A is much smaller than the average adult glove. Taking normal infield practice or shagging fly balls with this glove will help immensely with your defense. Improved confidence, reflexes and hand speed are just a few of the benefits of using this glove. As a result, many big league players have added training gloves to their pre-game regimens. This quality Mizuno 9 inch training glove baseball players love is ideal for that purpose.

Training Baseball Gloves

There are a number of drills associated with this Mizuno training glove that can be very useful defensively. One of the best methods for utilizing the design of this glove is to take ground balls from your knees. Taking ground balls from your knees with one of these training baseball gloves eliminates the ability to move laterally and therefore move your whole body. Therefore this leaves only your reflexes and hand speed to get a hold of the ball. By mastering this skill players can enjoy increased success on defense through added confidence and enhanced coordination. Mizuno 9 inch training glove features:
  • Rich natural leather
  • Designed to teach proper mechanics for infield play
  • 9" glove that fits on adult hand
  • Aids infielding and throwing drills and promotes quick hands
  • GXT2A