Youth Catchers Gear Sets

Youth Catchers Gear Sets:

Youth Catchers Gear Sets are what a young backstop first grows accustomed to when they are starting out. So have them break into a pro bound career by starting them out with just the right set. It could make the difference between them lasting as a catcher for the long haul, or switching over to lacrosse by the time they reach middle school.

If your young ball player insists on playing the most dangerous position in baseball, then they will be rewarded to know that it is their ticket to the show. Many will tell you that scouts only have eyes for pitchers. But who do you think the pitchers have to pitch to? They'll be forced to check out the catcher on each pitch delivered. And after all, infielders and outfielders everywhere are being converted to pitchers. In fact, there's probably a surplus at this point. But a top of the line catcher is hard to come by. So if one dedicates themselves to mastering their craft from the get go, then their chances of advancing to the highest levels become that much more realistic.

Easton Youth Black Magic Catchers Set:

The Easton Youth Black Magic Catchers Set serves as one strong example of a Youth Catchers Gear Set that flourishes. It protects catchers from head to toe, outfitting them for multiple years on end. In fact, it's available in two youth editions: Junior Youth and Youth (6-8 and 9-12 age group[s], respectively).

Additionally, its main trio of essential components include and feature:

  • Helmet:
    • Hockey style catchers helmet
    • Durable ABS shell provides superior protection
    • Smaller design made specifically for youth sizes
    • Durable steel cage
    • Soft vinyl chin pad
    • Size: Small fits 6 1/8" - 7" hat size for both Junior Youth and Youth sets
  •   Chest Protector:
    • Velcro closure attachment system for ease of use
    • Double back adjustment mechanism
    • Great for beginners
    • Size: 12" for Junior Youth; 13" for Youth
  • Leg Guards:
    • Lockdown closure attachment system
    • Double kneecap design
    • Protective PE shin plate design
    • Size: 12" for Junior Youth; 13" for Youth

Of course, this set is just one in a vast sea of gear sets waiting to be purchased by an eager youngster. So look no further. Find the set that will amplify your son's talent and passion for the game the most. That way, there will be no regrets down the line.

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