The great white Rawlings glove

A White Rawlings Glove will help you stand out as a top defensive player this season. White is a bit unconventional for sports gear but it really has more benefits than you would think. The outside the box thinking from Rawlings is how they built their foundation as a leading sporting goods manufacturer. To emphasize their professionalism they make their products with the same personality and character. The boldness of the color white was their ticket to new heights.

Contrast is key

The traditional tan leather color has been around since the dawn of the sport, not leaving much contrast to the infield dirt. With a white glove, you get a much bolder contrast to the dirt. Thus making it easier to navigate the glove to the ball. There are multiple scenarios that can be greatly improved on your end by switching to a White Rawlings Glove. Like i said before, a darker glove could be easily camouflaged into the dirt. If you have a fast ground ball, you want your glove to be in the optimal position so you can turn the play. Say there is a runner about to steal and it's up to you to tag him out. A hard slide could kick up a lot of dirt and make it tough to see the ball and or your glove. With a White Rawlings Glove, you have the best chance to make a big play and possibly stop the runner from advancing from a run away throw. Even on a routine play, i would rather have my first baseman have a bright white glove. It makes a large visible target, and i'll be more accurate as an individual. The White Rawlings Glove has some serious implications that can greatly affect your teams season. True colors never fade, especially with a rawlings glove.  

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