Mini Bat

Mini Bat:

The Mini Bat is a trainer's delight. It provides more control in a one handed swing that will most definitely amplify power and force when two hands swing a regular bat. Brands like Louisville Slugger and HQR supply training bats that let you drop to one knee to then hone in on your mechanics. This element of preparation before gameplay is crucial. Especially during the recent changeover in youth leagues to BBCOR certifications and wood bat use at much earlier ages. For if you cans square one up with the thin barrel of a mini bat, then a regulation baseball will look as big and hittable as a beach ball coming at you at home plate during a game.

Louisville Slugger 18" 1 Hand Training Bat

This 18" training bat adds comfort and stability with every swing. You will also be able to mimic the natural motion that sends ball deep each time you're up to bat. Features:
  • Short bat with regulation barrel
  • Excellent training bat for one handed hitting drills

HQ4 Aluminum One Hand 18" Training Bat

With a Drop 18" length and 10.5 oz in size, this design is packed with ultra lightweight aluminum. Thanks to this mini bat, you can explore top and bottom hand drills that develop good hitting habits. Don't start out by only emphasizing what bat options you'll have for gameplay. Find a training bat that will get you exactly where you need to be for those at bats where your team depends on you most. A mini bat can be the different between you getting your hands in on an inside fastball enough to hook a go-ahead double down the line, or merely fouling it off your foot and striking out on the very next pitch, forced to hobble back to the dugout in shame pondering "What if's?"   Don't play the What If game. You'll never win. But if you purchase a mini bat, you'll always have the upper edge over your competition!

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