Marucci Elite BBCOR

Marucci Elite BBCOR:

Marucci is a renowned maker of high performance baseball and softball bats. Specifically, their Marucci Elite BBCOR  model has some thunder. The bat uses the patented Marucci multi material barrel design. Marucci does not put any rings, extra inserts, or governors in their bat barrels. This reduces recoil at the point of contact. And since hitters do experience a strong sense of vibration when they do not make contact at the sweet spot, you will want to avoid this at all costs.
With a Kevlar reinforced grip, swings do not create a sting when direct contact with the ball is off slightly. The connecting point between the barrel and the handle is also seamless. Swinging the Marucci Elite gives hitters a better chance of making solid contact with inside pitches.The Marucci Elite has a 2 5/8-inch barrel putting more power area in every swing. It is a heavy bat, so the -3 weight to length ratio helps hitters to keep a more balanced swing. The end of the bat features an end cap made from an aerospace grade composite. This is another reason why there is hardly ever any vibration no matter where the bat meets the ball. This is accomplished by both the perfect weight reduction ratio fused with a composite aluminum over the entire barrel length.

Additional Features:

The Marucci Elite BBCOR bat uses a patented technology incorporate more power at the end of their bats. Because of this surplus of power, the bat's 1.15BBF swing balance rating is only legal at the high school and college levels. An enlarged sweet spot removes all the dead weight from the end of the bat. What you have when swinging the Marucci Elite BBCOR model is a perfectly engineered bat that puts thunder in your swing. When you appreciate all the mechanics that go into being a successful hitter, you can appreciate why the Marucci Elite BBCOR bat helps you perfect those mechanics. By taking the guesswork out of making precise contact with the barrel sweet spot, it adds exit velocity to every hit. So buy yours today and you won't regret it tomorrow.

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