How Do You Break in a Heart of the Hide Glove?

How Do You Break in a Heart of the Hide Glove?

Have you ever wondered how to break in a new baseball glove perfectly?

Whether you're a pro or a weekend warrior, the process of breaking in a glove is important to achieving optimal performance and comfort.

Baseball Bargains offers an array of top-quality baseball gloves, including the esteemed Heart of the Hide from Rawlings.

These gloves are renowned for their durable leather and exceptional craftsmanship, but like all premium equipment, they require a specific break-in process to unleash their full potential.

So, how exactly do you break in the heart of the hide glove so that it molds perfectly to your hand? Let's explore the techniques that will quickly get you game-ready.

Your Heart of the Hide Rawlings Glove

Heart of the Hide gloves by Rawlings are crafted from the top 5% of steer hides available, making them some of the most sought-after gloves in baseball. Known for their firmness and longevity, these gloves can initially feel stiff and unforgiving.

The key to unlocking their potential lies in the break-in process, which softens the leather and allows it to conform to the nuances of your hand movements.

When choosing a Heart of the Hide glove from Baseball Bargains, selecting one that best fits your position and playing style will influence how you break it in.

Initial Steps to Soften Your Glove

Preparing your glove is crucial before you begin the physical break-in process. Start by cleaning the leather to remove any residues or coatings that may have been applied during manufacturing.

Next, apply a light layer of leather conditioner specifically designed for baseball gloves. This will help moisturize the leather and make it more pliable.

Work the conditioner into the leather evenly, paying extra attention to the laces and pocket, as these areas require the most flexibility.

Traditional Methods for Breaking in Your Glove

The most traditional and effective method for breaking in a glove is simply playing catch. Regularly catching balls with the glove helps the leather mold to your hand shape while improving the glove’s flexibility.

Another traditional method involves using a glove mallet. Simulating the impact of a baseball, tap the pocket and the breakpoints of the glove to help form the correct shape.

Spending time each day working the glove with a mallet can significantly speed up the break-in process.

Modern Techniques to Break in Your Glove Quickly

Modern techniques can be employed for those looking for a quicker break-in. Steaming, offered by retailers like Baseball Bargains, relaxes the leather fibers and allows for easier shaping.

However, using this method sparingly is important, as excessive heat can dry out and damage the leather. Another popular method is the glove wrap technique, where a ball is placed in the pocket, and the glove is wrapped tightly with bands or a glove wrap to help form the pocket overnight.


What is the best way to break in the heart of the Hide glove?

The best way is to play catch regularly, as it naturally forms the glove in your hand and your playing style.

How long does it take to break in the heart of the Hide Rawlings glove?

A: Depending on how often it is used and conditioned, a Heart of the Hide glove can take several weeks to break in fully.

Can I use oil on my Heart of the Hide glove?

You should use a specialized leather conditioner rather than oil, as oils can overly soften and weigh down the leather.

Is it necessary to use a glove mallet?

While not necessary, a glove mallet can help speed up the break-in process by mimicking the impact of a baseball.

What should I avoid when breaking my baseball glove?

A: Avoid excessive heat, like microwaving or baking, as it can damage the leather's integrity.


Breaking in the heart of the Hide baseball glove requires patience and effort, but the reward of a perfectly fitted glove is invaluable on the field. Remember, consistent care and regular use are the key to a well-broken glove.

Whether you choose traditional methods or modern techniques, Baseball Bargains is here to provide you with all the necessary tools and advice. Visit us today to find your perfect glove and start playing at your best!

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