Evoshield. A revolutionary way to protect yourself

Evoshield is a revolution in sports protection. their products are air activated and will custom mold to your body ensuring the best protection possible. As soon as you open the air tight package you must begin molding Evoshield to your body. It will harden within minutes creating a custom fitting protective barrier to whatever part of your body needs it most. Have you ever been hit by a baseball while at the plate? Sending a crippling and, screaming pain right to your ribs. Kiss that pain goodbye! Not only can Evoshield custom form to your body to protect your ribs but it also comes in many shapes to protect your entire body from harm. You can mold Etheir products to fit your hands and wrists plus your shins and toes too. If you're not a baseball player and still want protection Evoshield can protect you. Do you enjoy shooting but hate the bruises left on your shoulders afterwards? They have the perfect undershirt with protective padding that eliminates those sore spots. Are you a football player that is sick of having black and blue thighs? Insert the custom fitting shield into your pants and have both comfort and protection. Custom fit a toe guard that will make those toe smashing stomps feel like a massage.

Wrist, Elbow, Ankle, Heart Protection

No matter your sport Evoshield is here for you. Offering you protection like never before. It has never been easier to get custom fitting protective pads than it is now. Simply order your wrist, ankle  or elbow guard online at baseball bargains and stay protected. Kiss those bruises and broken bones goodbye. Say hello to new, revolutionary protection that is changing the way of sports protection. You can now play, harder, faster and with more tenacity than ever before. This is because you are not playing in fear. So, order Evoshield today.

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