Diamond Kinetics: Marucci's Revolutionary New System

Diamond Kinetics: Marucci's Revolutionary New System

Marucci's new Diamond Kinetics system revolutionizes the game of baseball and the training that goes into a season. With the ability to track your swing and see your flaws in your swing, improving will be much easier. This is because you can directly track what is wrong in your swing, and where you need to improve. Before this, you just knew you weren't hitting well, so had to work on your whole swing, not just specific points of it. Marucci continually innovates the game of baseball and leads the charge in bringing the game forward. This is evident with the release of this great product. The reason for this system being so revolutionary is that the system goes into the bottom of Marucci's Smart Bat. The point of this is that there are no extra attachments or accessories that a players has to wear that might mess up their swing. The sensor uses 11 different metrics in four of the different main swing categories. The sensor takes data of the speed, power, quickness, and control of your swing. So, if your power is great, but the speed of your swing isn't that great, you know what aspect of hitting you need to work at. This can lead to the use of more donuts or heavy bats to increase the speed of your actual swing. Marucci is one of the best companies for the offensive side of the game and there is reason for that.


For years, Marucci comes out with new equipment that stuns the baseball world and becomes the most popular item. With the release of the Cat5, Marucci took over the metal bat industry with one of their first models. This shows their ability to innovate and give players the best option. So, come check out the Diamond Kinetics system at the Baseball Bargains website.

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