demarini zen drop 5

Demarini zen drop 5

Get ready, the demarini zen drop 5 is here and ready to bust out some home runs all season long. It's a great too for bringing up that batting average and move you up in the batting order. Demarini made its way into the business by first manufacturing baseball bats and has only gotten better as the years passed. This is what demarini was born to do and uses its own special designs and materials to bring you to the next level of the competition. Coaches and teammates will be astonished and will wonder what changed in your training. You'll still have your natural swing but have even more power coming off the bat.

What's different about the demarini zen drop 5

Given the vast knowledge and time experimenting with baseball bats, demarini has came up with a few innovations. Being different from the other sporting goods manufacturers is what really separates demarini from the competition. Some bats may have larger barrels to increase batting performance but not with the demarini zen drop 5. For the zen series, demarini uses its own paraflex composite to get results. Anyone can increase the size of a bat to get a higher chance of making contact. But this composite changes the game, it's about 22% stronger than other leading materials and has a better pop coming off the bat. Also, widening the sweet spot, so that it extends further down the bat. Taking a bad swing can jam the ball and cause discomfort but by using the paraflex, you significantly reduce the chance of that happening. In addition, having a bat with a drop 5 length to weight ratio is a great place to start. The lower the number, the heavier the bat, so a drop 5 is about a medium setting. It's not too heavy but has a good weight behind it to really drive the ball over the wall. It's super easy to visit baseball bargains and take a few cuts with a demarini zen drop 5 bat. But you won't know until you try!

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